Why can't every day be payday?

For centuries, employees really didn’t have much control over when they got paid.

With Payd, employers can seamlessly offer employees the freedom to choose when they receive the money they’ve earned – offering more opportunities to pay bills, build savings or just have the peace of mind that comes from financial liquidity.

Pay when you want

No more waiting for payday

Payd revolutionizes compensation by giving employees access to their own money and offering employers a new way to help engage and retain their staff. Any day is payday with Payd.



Receive the wages you’ve earned without the expense or hassle of payday lenders, advances or borrowing from family and friends. With Payd you’ll have access to up to 50% of your income whenever you need it, without hassle and even without any interest charges!

Using Payd is a simple, effective way to improve your financial health



Support your employees with a convenient system that can help you contribute to their financial freedom and improve their employee experience without adding costly new programs or initiatives to your budget.

Payd App - Track your earnings

The plug-and-play way to provide your staff with on-demand pay.

Payd’s pay-on-demand framework is easy to integrate with any organization’s HR and payroll systems. User-friendly functionality makes it easy to operate for all participants.

Payd can become your organization's strategic advantage

It’s estimated that at any given moment, employers have access to $1 trillion dollars in unpaid wages.

An employer utilizing Payd has a new tool to attract top talent, retain valuable employees and increase engagement – all without incurring any additional costs.

Pay when you want

What if payday could be every day?

Transform the way you receive or process payrolls by becoming part of the Payd family. Financial freedom is the best gift around, and Payd makes it easy to both give and receive.